Multiple devices, same habpanel views

Hi all, I’m pretty new to openhab and keep struggling with my habpanel setup. I’ve tried to find the one and only answer, but was not successful till now.

What I want sounds pretty easy to me: I want to have the same graphics shown on habpanel on various devices. I understand that I’ve to deselect local storage. So far so good I hope. But if I’ve created a dashboard on device Phone_A (also deselected local), how can I select that same dashboard to be displayed on Tablet_B? I was trying (and ending unsuccessfully) many times. Once I suddenly I could select the same configuration. But because I was struggling with it so much, I cannot reproduce the scenario, so I’m still not able to do the obviously simple trick. Who can give me the step-by-step guidance to get this solved? It must be simple, because I cannot find an answer on the community. Seems to be no problem at all… For others.

Hello @Marcel_de_Groot

I do not use habpanel personally.

But cant you use the openhab android or ios app to display habpanel.
There is no need to have 2 different dashboards as it just shows the same one on both apps in your local network. This works for me with sitemaps.

But like i said, i have no knowledge about habpanel so maybe this works different then sitemaps.


Freddy, that’s the big difference between sitemaps and habpanel dashboards. Sitemaps are single sourced for all devices. Habpanels are by default local configurations on each individual device.

Then i have said nothing haha :smiley:
Good luck with your search

I don’t use HabPanel much but I believe you need to save the panel to the server and then load it on the other device.