Multiple EnOcean actuators on single Switch

Should the following work in OH2?

Switch F2_Bed_Light  "Bed Light"  <light>  (F2, Lighting)  {enocean="{id=00:29:1B:09, channel=A, eep=F6:02:01}",
                                                            enocean="{id=00:29:DD:01, channel=A, eep=F6:02:01}"}

By “work” I mean: F2_Bed_Light gets switched on or off by either one of the EnOcean wall switches. At the moment, only the second one seems to “work”.

Background: I use MQTT/Event-Bus to handle the commands generated. The first EnOcean switch doesn’t publicise any MQTT information, but the second one does. I realise I could have separate Switches for each EnOcean thing, but the above seems to me to be simpler and clearer.


Whether or not it works I think depends on how the binding is implemented. Some bindings see to be designed to be used in this manner while for others I’ve never seen this sort of usage. I could see some problems with infinite feedback loops in some cases (e.g. if you physically switch the first one that gets reported to the binding which toggles the switch which gets sent out to both physical switches when report back to the binding which triggers a command and so on).

The most full proof way to do the above would be to use separate Items and a Group.