Multiple instances of HabPanel


I am pretty new to openHAB and have some trouble.
I want to create multiple versions of a HABpanel interface, how is this possible?

For example:

The default HABpanel site is myip/habpanel/index.html#/

Is it possible to create a second, independent version of HABpanel (for another tablet or PC) with




Is there a way to archieve this?

HABPanel can either use an (openHAB-) server based setup or a locally stored one. This decision is per device!

Thanks for the answer.
So if I have two “users” which both will use the same device (same PC), but I want to give them different dashboards on HABpanel, this can not be archieved with different links?

Actually I’m not sure on the answer! It does depend where this “decision” and the setup are saved. Never tried it with another user, sorry.

The current “panel configuration” is stored in the browser’s local storage. If your users have different user profiles (accounts) on the PC, they will have different browser profiles and thus will be able to get different panel configurations with the same link. Even if you had different links for different copies of HABPanel, it would not do you any good since the storage would remain the same (unless you change the code significantly).

I was also looking for this and I think I found what you are looking for.
Click on the hamburger-menu on the top-left in HABpanel, then click on the gear-icon at the bottom of the screen. There you have the option to “Save the current configuration to a new panel configuration”. This way you can create multiple HABpanel configs. Like 1 for Living room, 1 for kitchen, …