Multiple Items on One Row, who helps me?

I have these items
ORA displays from 0 to 23
MINUTI from 0 to 59

Number ORA “Ora [%x]” (Statobus) { modbus = “dfckora:0” }
Number MINUTI “Minuti [%x]” (Statobus) { modbus = “dfckminuti:0” }

I want to put them together on the same line with this item
String Ora_Minuti “Time / Minutes” (Statobus)

but the result is not what you wanted

I use the following rule:

rule "Ora/Minuti changed"
Item ORA changed
or Item MINUTI changed
Ora_Minuti.postUpdate(ORA.state.toString + “:” + MINUTI.state.toString)

I have other items to be bonded together
I have these items
DAY from 0 to 6 (0 = Sun 1 = Mon 2 = Tue …)
DATA = 1 to 31
MONTH = 1 to 12
YEAR = 2 digits (17)

Number GIORNO “Giorno [MAP(]” (Statobus) { modbus = “dfckgiorno:0” }
Number DATA “Data [%x]” (Statobus) { modbus = “dfckdata:0” }
Number MESE “Mese [%x]” (Statobus) { modbus = “dfckmese:0” }
Number ANNO “Anno [%x]” (Statobus) { modbus = “dfckanno:0” }

I want to put them together on the same line with this item

Data_Mese_Anno “Day - Date / Month / Year” (Statobus)

Thanks for your help, and sorry for my english

Try to change

String Ora_Minuti "Time / Minutes" (Statobus)


String Ora_Minuti "Time / Minutes [%s]" (Statobus)


Hello, with item
String Ora_Minuti “Time / Minutes” (Statobus)
I can see the data on the same line but the wrong value (example 34:34)

Ok I try to execute the change

hello, I made the changes that you have indicated, with

String Ora_Minuti “Time / Minutes [% s]” (Statobus)
I view 4:23

while the item now and separate minutu, view
item time: 4
item minutes: 17

I saw that when the items TIME and MINUTES display the data from 0 to 9, the string is correct,
and when the item TIME and MINUTES displaying a value of the string 10…11 … 12 … I see a value of 16 … 17…18 …

bye thank you

If you can help, by reading the manual,
it indicates that the word ORA / MINUTI / DATA / MESE / ANNO are in BCD format

We couldn’t guess that. You’ll need a way to analyze your input and process BCD bytes into decimal digit characters

Found someone’s OH rule using BCD

Rule "Update AC_HALL_RTC clock"
                 Item AC_HALL_RTC received update
                 Var Number T = AC_HALL_RTC.state as DecimalType
                 Var H = T.intValue / 256
                 Var M = T.intValue% 256
                 Var S = String :: format ("% 02x:% 02x", H, M)
                 PostUpdate (AC_HALL_RTC_S, S)


hello, but I have two distinct item
Item ORA

Yes, you’ll have to do some work and adapt that idea

/ Divide by 256 to get the “tens” part of each BCD byte
% Modulo 256 to get the “units” part
Reassemble the two values as one string
Repeat for how many BCD hours/minutes/days you have to deal with

Hello, I am beginner, I’m sorry but I can.
you could make an example