Multiple labels for the same item

Hey there,
is there a posibillity to create an item with multilpe labels, without creating multiple items, which are bound to the same channel for example?
My usecase would be to shrink my .items-files. I use multiple items for the same channel for a natural as possible voice control actually.

Dimmer FF_FS_Deckenlampe  "Schlafzimmerlampe"    <light> ["Lighting"]    {channel="zwave:device:ZWAVE:node6:switch_dimmer"}
Dimmer FF_FS_Deckenlampe1  "Lampe Schlafzimmer"    <light> ["Lighting"]    {channel="zwave:device:ZWAVE:node6:switch_dimmer"}

In the propably case, that there is actual no way, what contradicts an implementation like:

Dimmer FF_FS_Deckenlampe  "Schlafzimmerlampe" "Lampe Schlafzimmer"   <light> ["Lighting"]    {channel="zwave:device:ZWAVE:node6:switch_dimmer"}

I don’t think that is possible. How would OH know what label to use?

there could be a standard like, “use in sitemaps the first label”?

Please don’t forget that openHAB support for alexa was added far after Release 1.0. In fact, you don’t need to define any label in .items file, but the label definition in .items files is intended to be the default label for the item.