Multiple Openhab running in single machine

Hello Everyone,
I want to run two openhab instances in a single machine, as the first instance is running on port 8080, how can I change the second instance port?

I am using openhab latest stable version.

A simple google search for ports would reveal the answer

it’s a very bad idea as many more resources such as config files, logdirs etc will conflict

There is no real need for this so this is likely just another instance of the XY problem.

Please state your real problem i.e. why think you would need to do that.

As mentioned before, there might be multiple issues running it on one machine, what’s the problem you want to solve?

If you want to run for instance a PROD and QA environment, the easiest would be to run it inside VMs with a KVM or even docker. That would give you seperation.

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Yes, I want it to run for PROD and QA environment,
thanks, I will check it

I do the same, running 2 LXCs for PROD and QA in Proxmox. You just have to be careful with your things and rules. I basically have no active rules in the QA system and only things active for testing.
Works though fine.
Depending on your OS there are other KVMs though you can try.