Multiple Pages without Login in OH 3?

Hello Forum,

I’ running OH 3 on a Raspberry 3 and wanted to ask, how I can create multiple pages without login to the System. All attemps and Google search unfortunately failed…

I successfully created several types of pages after login under Settings - Pages:


I created Sitemaps with the build-in Sitempap builder, but I can’t make it to dislplay mulpile Pages without Login. Can you please help?

Kind Regards and stay healthy, Helmut

In the general page settings box at the top of each page configuration window, make sure that you unselect administrators and users so that the visible only to field is blank:

Both administrator and user are account types that require a login, so if the page is viewable only by one or both of those types then it will not be viewable by a visitor who is not logged in.

Many thanks, Justin
Now it’s working.