Multiple persistence services possible in OH3.3?

I wonder whether it is possible to run both rr4dj and influxdb at the same time. I would like to use rr4dj for most things but influxdb (+grafana) for my energy data. In Settings–>Persistence you can choose only one persistence.

Yes you can run multiple persistence services. Each service has its own type.persist file where you would configure which items to be persisted by that service. For example, you have rrd4j.persist, influxdb.persist, etc.

The default persistence service that is set just serves as the default when you’re calling the Persistence action without specifying which persistence service to use.

Hi Jim,
OK, many thanks for the info. I’ll try find an example for the influxdb.persist then.

The syntax is the same for any persistence service

OK, many thanks for the info.