Multiple push messages when openhab is online/offline?

hi all,

i get 3 push messages on my iphone when openhab is offline… and when openhab is back online, again 3 messages instead of just one.

don’t know when the additional messages started to appear but i can remember a time when suddenly there were two messages after an update i did. now its 3… i am afraid to do another update, maybe then it will be 4 messages? :wink:

anyone with the same problem, or better, with a solution for this?


nobody? :disappointed:

Same here :confused:

Today I’m being flooded with “openHAB is online” all day long :wink:

In the logs I see:

2018-01-28 22:09:21.065 [INFO ] [io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Disconnected from the openHAB Cloud service (UUID = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, base URL = http://localhost:8080)

as well as

2018-01-28 22:10:04.262 [WARN ] [okhttp3.OkHttpClient                ] - A connection to was leaked. Did you forget to close a response body?

And the openHAB remote connection doesn’t work for me for a couple of days already.

cc: @digitaldan and @MARZIMA

Can you try restarting the binding ? There seems to be some issue where it gets stuck in a connecting loop.