Multiple site


My 2 brothers and I have a large farm. We split it in 3 parts. Now we like to install openHAB and use it individual, no problem but can we create a platform to control all 3 separate houses?

You would need to either:

  • Host 1 openHab and expose it via cloud (myopenhab) or through VPN
  • Host separate instances per house and “share” data through a shared MQTT

I have a VPN between my home in USA and an apartment in the Philippines.
My home network is
My remote network is 192.168.yyy.0
How would I configure my single openhab instance?

I have about 250 ms of latency when I ping or tracert between them.
Would that be a problem to openhab? Would the remote site have awful performance responding to actions, triggering events, and responding to events?

I’d rather not have 2 openhab instances as setting up 2 instances to share data via mqtt seems to be a rather complex task.

I found this

A reverse proxy in my remote site

So, that 250 ms latency?