Multiple "Switch dashboard with item value"

I am using the " Switch dashboard with item value" feature of HabPanel allright but i wonder if it is possible to assisgn another item action to another dashboard.I now use " Switch dashboard with item value" so when my doodbel is pressed the cameras dashboard is coming up.I wish that i could do the same with my alarm dashboard when my alarm is triggered,or/and switched to my lights dashboard when the night comes…Can this be done?

set a rule. so that when the the doorbell is pressed. It updates the item with the page name you want it to switch to.
Change it so you have a single String item that has different states, depending on which page you want to be on.

Something along the lines of

rule "AlarmPage"
	Item AlarmItem received command


rule "LightsPage"
	Time cron 	"0 0 17 1/1 * ? *" //this will run every day at 5pm

This will wait until AlarmItem receives command i.e (what ever trigger you have which makes the alarm go off).

It then changes the home page item to Alarm, which is whatever your habpanel page is called.

You can get the page name from the URL at the end of the page.

My home page url is this


So in order to change to this page i use this in a widget on habpanel. but you would change it for your rule.

ng-click="sendCmd('HomePageItem', 'Weather?kiosk=on')"

the ?kiosk=on makes the page go full screen.

So I have to create a string item first by the name “HomePageItem” and when that item takes a state with the same name as the wanted dashboard name my habpanel automatically will change to that dashboard?I cant understand how an item i create and giving a state with the same name as the dashboard can switch Habpanel dashboard screen?I test it and its not working …

edit: got it !!!the lack of sleep caused by my baby son is mind melting me but i llget over it,thnx mate.

@ Christopher_Hemmings another question is :using a rule how can i go back to habpanel 's main screen?

I use hab panel viewer on Android. There’s an option to reload the main page on screen turning on. That’s your best option.otherwise you would create a rule to change the item to whatever the name of the your main page is called

There’s an option in habpanel settings to change dashboard depending on the state of an item

thnx mate i found what i was looking for plus for the record if you use


the habpanel go to the main screen.
I use Fully Kiosk Browser for android and it offers many options for reloading to hapanel’s main screen,plus screensavers,motion detection and many other usefull features.

I used fully before. I didn’t like it. Found habpanel was more consistent.