Multiple URL Triggers from HTTP Binding

Hey guys,

Need a little help please!

So… I have a video matrix system that requires two button presses to get to the desired function.

Eg. If i wanted Input 1 on Output 4 then I would need to press ‘Input 1’ on the remote and then ‘Output 4’.

I have these learnt these IR commands on a Broadlink device and connected via WebHooks in IFTTT, then in my items file have the respective WebHook linked as so…

Switch Input1 "Input 1" ["Switchable"] { http=">[*:POST:]" }

Switch Output4 "Output 4" ["Switchable"] { http=">[*:POST:]" }

I wanted to have 1 switch that would send two HTTP Post commands to IFTTT so i could press eg. “TV 4 Input1” and it would send a command to IFTTT as Input1 and Output4.

I’m sure this is simple and im just too inexperienced! Any help would be greatly appreciated :smiley:


You’d probably use a “virtual” (dummy) Item, unlinked to any real device, that you could place on your UI.
Then write a rule that would listen for commands to that Item, then issue commands to your “real” Items. Probably with a delay between.

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