Multiple users for openhab cloud?

Hi All

Can you have multiple usernames in your OpenHab cloud instance if you host locally? When I try and create more it says the UUID is in user. I have a few users in the home Id like to have seperate logins


You need to create the family users from your admin user account.

I’m on my phone so I don’t know if the paths are the same but there will be a Users menu item. From there you can added additional logins for the one OH insurance.

One of the nice things I is one you do that you can specify which user gets which message from OH. In my case, some messages only go to me while others go to both need and my wife’s phone.

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Gday Rich

fantastic! I didnt know you could do that.I found it and managed to add it. How do you do the specific messages per user? is that a function inside the OH2 cloud or in rules? That would be useful to say get Zwave events to Master, but other lesser items to the user.

This would be very powerful. With an account setup for a family friend, then if a PANIC scene is activated we could send a broadcastNotification to only that user if the scene was invoked? If that can occur thats unreal.

EDIT: found a link that describes it, will give it a go tonight How to "sendMessage" to different people/devices?

Thank you!