Multiple users openhab

Hello friends.
I need to know if you can build a system with multiple users.
Create a login and follow the user to show a different openhab2 structure.
When one executes basic ui for example the whole structure is extracted from openhab2.
If we had copies of that openhab3 example folder, openhab4 with different systems believe that something can be done to choose the folder from which to take the system?
I hope you understand since I use the google translator.
Thank you.

There is nothing built into OH itself to support this. At the moment OH doesn’t even support user/password login.

You could create a separate sitemap file for each user and then implement authentication and redirection based on which user logged in using a reverse proxy like Nginx. See the following to get started, but you will need to learn a good deal of Nginx or Apache configuration to get this capability.

Hi Rich

Perfect, I install a nginx or an apache and I generate a proxi but I do not understand how to redirect according to the user to a sitemap principal sitemap

If the main sitemap is this. As a redirect to another.

To which folder do I have to redirect?
That I have to clone for another different sitemap because openhab2 is only part of a whole system.

Like I said, you will have to learn a good deal of Nginx or Apache configuration to do that part and you probably won’t find that information on this forum.

But if you define more than one sitemap file each file has a unique URL and you would redirect to the correct URL based on the user who logged in.

I will try to implement it.
Thank you very much for the tip.