Multiprocol 868.3 MHz interface wanted!


Are there any generic radios that can handle 868.3 MHz and preferably more frequencies? The ideal thing would be an RFXTrx but with a different frequency.


There really is not such thing as a “generic” radio. The MHz is only one aspect of how the radios communicate with each other. There is also how the information is encoded in the signal and the protocol used to transmit that information and there are lots and lots of different ways to do these and different approaches are not compatible with each other. So just because two devices operate on the same MHz does not mean they can talk to each other.

For example, just because you have an Xbee transceiver does not mean you can talk to or control Zigbee devices. Even though the radios are the same, the protocol is different so they can’t communicate.

Ok then i guess its a multiprotocol radio is what im looking for.

Right, and as far as I’m aware those do not exist. The closest one can come is a software defined radio but those are REALLY had to work with, can only support one frequency/protocol at a time, and has no interface with OH.

Here is a link to a solution that might come close to what you are looking for:

I’m using it as gateway for 433MHz components.

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Thanks! This looks very interesting! Is it possible to use multiple frequencies at once or do i have to buy one for 868 and one for 433?

Ok I guess I cant solve those problems =) Im still hoping for something that is easy to use.

I’m using a CUL-STICK (866mhz) for my 433 MHz rf-power plugs.

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Looks interesting. Now i have many alternatives =)

All depends on your exact use cases.
For me the 866mhz CUL is working since I only ned to send 433mhz signal using the Intertechno binding. Reception in the "slowrf"mode ins not possible.