Multiroom Chromecast

I purchased a Chromecast audio and it works great using the “say” command as in say(“Hello World”). I did it by setting it as the default audio sink in paper ui.

Is it possible to direct the say command to a different Chromecast audio device? I planned on installing one in each room.


Look at the openhab documentation

say(“Hello world!”)
say(“Hello world!”, “voicerss:enGB”)
say(“Hello world!”, “voicerss:enUS”, “sonos:PLAY5:kitchen”)

You can use the commandline to list all available audiosinks and their id
This allows you to specify what audio sink you want to play the audio on, where the sonos:PLAY5:kitchen is replaced with the audiosink id of the chromecast you want to play it on. As i read, this is what you wanted?

Thanks Oliver. I will try it tonight.
Where did you find those references? I looked but all I could find was

I did fail to mention I am running on a RPI3


Running it on a rpi doesnt make a difference. The documentation can be found at

Under user manual. For sound specifik, configuration, Audio & Voice.
Here’s also information on how to see audio sinks available.

Awesome! Thanks Oliver.

I tried:

say(“Hello World”, “voicerss:enUS”, “chromecast:audio:MainStereo”`)

With no luck. However:

say(“Hello World”, “voicerss:enUS”, “chromecast:audio:22a1e2caaace78f6eb8655aaea94c8ad”)

works. Is there a way to assign the ID to the name? I setup the chromecast in Paperui as a thing.


As far as i know there is no way to assign it an id.

OK. Thanks for your help on this. I really appreciate it.

For a newbie coming from Misterhouse, some simple things before seem much more difficult now, but then some things that were crazy difficult before, are now much easier! Such is life.


I can’t get my Chromecast Audio to say anything! My Sonos Boxes react correctly on the say command, only the Chromecast does a single beep and that 's it.
Using VOICERSS as TTS Service.

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I am having the same problem. Only one beep/chime on my Google Home mini, but not text. What’s wrong?

Thing chromecast:chromecast:Google_Home_Mini_Esszimmer                  [ ipAddress=""]

say("Hello World", "voicerss:enUS", "chromecast:chromecast:Google_Home_Mini_Esszimmer")

I finally got it working, although the played music didn’t resume after the spoken text.
Can’t say anymore what the problem was.
Do you have only this audio sink to test it? Just to make sure TTS is configured corectly.
And does your chromecast play anything at all?

I have a couple of Google Home minis, a Chromecast, and a Chromecast Audio. None of them seem to be working. When I sent the command to the Chromecast connected to my TV/AVR, I did see a progress bar, but there was no sound really. But it seemed like it did get some kind of data which was as long was would be expected (about two seconds for “Hello World”), but it looked like it was muted or something.

What do I have to configure? I installed VoiceRSS Text-to-Speech and added an API key. Do I have to do anything else?

Can you select one of those as the default audio sink?
For the voice you need to set VoiceRSS as the default TTS and also set the default voice, both on PaperUI Config System Voice.

Ahh, that was it! Did not know that. Thanks a lot!