Multisensor 6 Motion Detection


I’ve had 2 Multisensors for several months now working without any issues. Bought another one the other week. Had some issues getting it set-up but I guess that’s nothing out of the ordinary with Z-Wave devices. Eventually got OH2 to recognise it and initialise it. Seems to work alright except that it doesn’t detect motion. I tried everything I could think of - updated openhabian, upgraded the firmware on the sensor, downgraded the firmware, excluded it, re-included it etc. The furthest I got is that the motion seemed to turn on and off randomly but eventually got to a point where it’s just staying on.

Thought that there was something wrong with the sensor so I bought a new one to test. Inclusion went alright. The motion detection seemed to work at first but then realised that when the motions turns off, it turns on again after about 2 seconds.

The sensor is battery powered and changed all the configuration parameters to match the ones of my working sensor. Firmware is V1.11. My working ones are on V1.7.

Anybody got any ideas? I’m starting to feel that it might be an issue with my OH or with the new version?

Quick update. One thing I hadn’t tried yet was set it up whilst plugged into the USB so I tried it and the sensor worked immediately as expected including the motion. I reinitialised the device whilst battery powered and it’s back to switching the motion back on 2 secs after it turns off.

Make sure it is set up with association group 1. That will make it report to the controller.

The association group 1 is set up the same as my other sensors. It is reporting to the controller, temperature, humidity etc all work fine. It’s just the motion that turns itself back on 2 seconds after turning off

Does anybody else have any suggestions? I have downgraded the firmware to 1.7 on my new sensor, re-included it but still no difference.

I don’t see what could be different?

Try put it on USB power, just to see if it makes any differences.
I have a Multisensor 6 as well, and it´s working just fine.

Yes, when the sensor is powered by USB it works as expected.

I contacted Aeotec last night, they suggested that the problem might be due to rechargeable batteries, as their slightly higher voltage might cause these problems.

I’ll try using normal batteries tonight.

Okay. It would be good to know if rechargeable batteries are a bad idea then.

My M6 is powered by batteries, and works as expected. I’m running with V1.8 firmware. My only gripe is that it eats batteries!

PS: my 101 parameter ‘Group 1 periodic reports’ is set to 241; 5 is set to ‘Binary CC’.

I just ordered some non-rechargeable ones as I only had rechargeable batteries. I’ll keep you updated.

If this is really causing the issue, it’ll be a massive disadvantage of these sensors, given how quickly the batteries run out and how difficult they are to get hold of!

Tried with non-rechargeable batteries and the sensor works as expected so rechargeable batteries do really seem to cause problems.

Aeotec must have changed the hardware slightly as my two older sensors work perfectly with rechargeable batteries.