Multiway switch

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I have read your post in the other thread and your little rant.
What @rlkoshak said is right.

We are not here to code for you. You can’t just plop in here and ask for code. You need to learn OH by writing your own. If it doesn’t work we’ll help you get it right and explain to you where you went wrong.

Read the docs again and again. There are good examples in there. Understand the docs and the examples. It’s not good just copying and pasting. When I want to learn something new I never copy and paste, I copy by typing so I get to learn the syntax and meaning of every bit of code. This is important.

By learning the basics (These two rules were very basic), you will then be able to write more complicated code latter on and again if it doesn’t work, check the docs, check the forum and only when you are really stuck post your question and we will do our best to help.

Help yourself and we’ll help you.

PS. Did you understand the rules I posted and why they work?

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Thanks for your help, Message understood.