Munin Graphing for OpenHAB

I have no idea if this goes in Add-ons or somewhere else…

I use Munin to collect and graph a large number of installed systems. If you have not looked into it, it is an open-source tool with a number of plugins that allows you to monitor, graph and alarm any number of parameters on remote systems.

Anyway, I wondered if anyone out there is using Munin with OpenHAB. I would like to grab some parameters out of OH to graph over time in Munin.


Most users on this forum use Grafana instead. From what I’ve been able to tell, it’s more flexible and more attractive. And it looks like Munin wont read from external database but instead requires agents set up send data to it’s rrd database. That would require a whole new openHAB add-on to support.

Thanks @rlkoshak, as always! I am familiar with Grafana. For whatever reason, I picked Munin some time ago. Actually it has a number of persistence plugins and rrd is only one of them. All that is required from Openhab is the ability to connect to allow telnet connections to port 4949 and respond to a few simple commands - list, and fetch being the primary ones. Anyway, I found this link to a project on GitHub.

If I manage to get it working, I will post back here.