Music / light integration with hue & spotify - will it work?


I’m currently have a ZigBee usb dongle to control my zigbee lights.
I’m thinking about buying a hue bridge as with hue you can link your spotify account and hue will change your lights according to the music.

Of cause I still want to control the lights via openhab, therefore I would need to integrate the hue bridge into openhab.

Question 1:
Has anyone tested this scenario?
What will happen to the OH server if the hue bridge is constantly changing the light (e.g. different color or dimmer) and constantly sending events via the hue binding to the OH server?

I’m afraid that if I have e.g. 4 color lights and they all change within seconds over a longer period, that this will generate 1000’s of events any maybe openhab is going down if the music integration within hue is active?

Question 2:
As I have some zigbee thermostats that are not supported by the hue bridge I would need to keep parts of my current ZigBee network running and would have two zigbee networks running in parallel.

Is there anything that I should look at / configure, that both networks will better coexist?

I have bought a hue bridge and tested this scenario: if light sync is activated in the hueapp, then the hue bridge will not report any status update. Therefore this question is answered, just in case anyone else has a similar question