Music with HABpanel and multiroom

Hey there,

I‘m not sure I‘m in the right forum at all. So please bare with me :slight_smile:

I‘m looking for a music setup at home but am not sure what to use… So I‘m basically asking for experience and ideas.

I have the following devices so far:

  • RPi with OH as a Server
  • RPi with touchscreen and a small speaker in the kitchen. There is always HABpanel running. In the HABpanel I have right now simply two radio station websites as an iFrame to play music. But that‘s not enough anymore.
  • Synology NAS with my music library running on „Music Station“ (Synologys own music app with mobile apps and a web interface).
  • TV with Chromecast

Now I would like to extend or edit the setup so that I can

  • Play music on several devices at the same time (multi room). For this I‘m thinking about adding some RPis with speakers or so… if I could integrate the Chromecast, that would be nice as well.
  • Centrally control the music on the HABpanel (could be an iFrame possibly), as well as on mobile devices (all iPhones) and laptops. It don‘t have to be native apps, but would be good though.
  • Play web radio stations as well as my own library

Now there may be some options but I‘m not sure if they work like that. Maybe someone has got experience?

I‘m thinking of

  • Using another tool to support that. Read something about Volumio and Moode Audio. But don‘t know yet how that would work.
  • Trying to integrate the Synology Audio Station as an iFrame. But how to stream to mutiple devices?
  • Trying to use the iTunes Server on the NAS. What clients would I need? Moode Audio seems to support AirPlay… and another question: would it mess up my manually organized library on the file system?
  • Buying an expensive system like Sonos (which I‘d like to avoid). I‘m not looking for a studio like sound quality. It‘s just for background music…
  • Any other option?


I’m using logitech mediaserver and squeezelite clients with great success. In openHAB there is the squeezebox binding to control the players, and the whole software is for free :slightly_smiling_face:
I have clients for windows as well as for android and some Linux systems. If you are lucky you could also get some real squezeboxes, but as they don’t build it anymore, they’re expensive…

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+1 for squeezebox (logitech media server), there are a number of rpi solutions (just flash the card with for example piCorePlayer) and I am running 6 of them for a long time now.

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Oh, nice! Didn‘t think of that at all. I‘ll definitely try it out! The best thing is that there‘s a Logitech Media Server app on the Synology so I don‘t even have to add hardware on the server side.
Thanks guys!

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