My Basic UI not working openhab 2.5.6 raspberry pi

I installed openhab 2.5.6 on a raspberry pi 3 and I encounter the following problem:
LightA23 only works from Paper UI - Control
Basic UI opens but the button does not send commands to MQTT.
I have no errors in the openhab console.
Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong here?
Thank you


Switch LightA23" Office12W "(Lights, CmdGroup) [" Lighting "] {mqtt ="> [mosquito: ST / LA23 / cmd: command: *: default], <[mosquito: ST / LA23 / state: state: default :. *] ", autoupdate =" false "}


Switch item = LightA23 label =" Office12W "  icon =" lightbulb "




The sitemap has an extra lower case l

You are using the wrong linking for the Item (as you wrote that the light is working through Paper UI control)

Hi, Bruce_Osborne and Udo_Hartmann
I edited my previous post - I’m sorry I wrote it wrong.
I made a video so you can better see exactly what the problem is.
Thank you for your help.

OK. sorry, I do not use MQTT or mosquitto so I will leave this to others.

As already said, you are using the wrong linking. {mqtt="…"} is mqtt1, but you are using mqtt2.
you could link the item this way:

Switch LightA23 "Office12W" (Lights, CmdGroup) ["Lighting"] {channel="mqtt:topic:9f0deb3b:LA23CH", autoupdate="false"}

But to be honest, you don’t need another Item, your channel is already linked (please click at the up/down Arrow at the very right side to expand the channel).

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Thank you,
Only now I understand what is with mqtt “cannel”
Thank you again
A nice evening