My hardware HP T620 thin client

I’m a newbie, but have configuring more and more on Openhab and have been terrified of SD Card failure on my Raspberry Pi. (I’ve taken the backups etc).
So I bought one of these on eBAY:
I’m in the UK and paid GBP 50 for it.

I use zirbee2mqtt and found the package needs an AMD64, which this box has.

The only slight issue was I could not get Debian to boot, so I used Ubuntu instead, other than that it works a treat.

My version is SSD, so there is a slight issue with burn out, however I understand that SSD have on board firmware to balance the load. Some versions have a SATA header for a hard disk, mine doesn’t. But with 3GB disk usage and a 16GB MSATA, I’m hoping it will last and have 32GB reserve coming in the post.


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I have had one of these running openhab and other services for two years now VERY reliably.
Mine came with a 64GB drive. But I scored it for free so I couldn’t complain.
I run ubuntu as well. Ubuntu server was not working very well on it so I switched to the desktop version even though I use it headless

Very nice little piece of harware. Quite powerful for the size. Power usage minimal. Perfect for me.