My information, general questions, and problem reporting. IE, Please guide the forum NOOB

I’ve been working with OpenHAB 1/2 for about 4-6 months now, and I have some questions. I’m not sure if this is the place for all of these, if they need to be moved if someone could advise me I will be happy to edit this post and create new posts in the correct forum heading.

I’ve also worked with computers for the last 20 years, as a system admin. If any of the issues raised below need further troubleshooting I am happy to help, including installing software etc.

I am fluent in Windows OS’s although with instruction I muddle through things in Linux.

First my configurations:
I’m running OH1 on a desktop machine running Win10 which I use as a network server in my home. This machine has a Z-Stick Gen5, which is the “Master” and is also “SUC”.

I’m running OH2 on my laptop, running Win10, which is my daily use machine. This machine has a Z-Stick Gen5, which is a slave of the Z-Stick in the OH1 machine. I also run MySQL on this machine although this will ultimately be moved to my “server”.

The OH1 Z-Stick is “Master” and “SUC”, the OH2 Z-Stick IS NOT “Master” or “SUC”.

My Z-Wave network includes about 10 devices. Including many GE switches, an HSM400, a Mini-Remote, and a Smart Switch 6.

Running release #476.

I have in issue with my Z-Sticks, although it doesn’t seem to affect the operation, other than being able to update the network from the SUC.
My OH1 installation can almost always sees the slave Z-Stick in the OH2 installation (Slave) as operational, it is not able to identify it a Z-Stick.
My OH2 installation almost always marks the Z-Stick in OH1 installation (Master,SUC) as “Offline” and as an unknown device.
I am able to update the “Slave” Z-Stick using the Zensys tool, so I know that the two can communicate.


Sorry for the long post!! I will edit this down if people can point me in the right direction for each topic and hopefully make it just an introduction post. Hopefully I don’t come off as b!tching about anything, that is the last thing I wish to do.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.


I’ve fixed my 90% processor usage problem, I’ll post more tomorrow.

I fixed the following issues by completely removing and re-installing both Java and the Java SE Development kit.

How would I go about reporting issues with OH2, at this time the last couple releases cause JAVA CPU usage to peg at 90% after approximately 3 hours. I am running the “Offline” version, release #476. Using “log:tail” as I am good at reading scrolling logs (Yes, I am a fast reader). I have zwave binding and HABMin installed.

I have re-installed Java. (Actually overwrote, did not uninstall completely)