My Knocki has arrived - so excited

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(Thomas Bail) #1

Just to let you know. Today my new device a Knocki has arrived. Control other devices just by knocking on any surface.

Knocki Webpage

Has anyone a Knocki already running?

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(Lyndon Foo) #2

Hi @Dibbler42, I received my Knocki (3 of them) around the same time as you and have set one of them up to start a radio stream on a SONOS when knocking on the kitchen bench. I did this just to try it out, there’s a few seconds delay before it triggers, probably from the Knocki waking up and then the IFTTT delay. The delay is probably too long to use for things like turning a light on or even turning on a TV.

My hope was to use the openHAB REST API called from the API locally but it seems that all Knocki actions are driven by IFTTT for now. I’ve sent their support an email requesting a URL loading feature but imagine they’re quite busy with “real” issues, I haven’t heard back from them yet.

What has your experience been so far?


(Thomas Bail) #3

I have pretty much the same experiece. Put the knocli at my door to use it as a door bell. Unfortunately i struggled with the sonos stream url and had no time to look at this until now (To much work).

I asked the support for an api too and some open API is announced but without a timeline.

Recognition with komplex knocks is not so good and yes tehre is an small delay, but this is my experience from about 1 hour playing around. lets see what happens this weekend.