My.openhab after a fresh openHAB install

So last year I started setting up openHAB. Had a 1.x setup, with working. I’ve since made a brand new openHAB 2 using openHABian. Added my.openhab in the extensions section, and updated my uuid and secret in Yet it still my.openhab still says offline, and aso still says im using openHAB 1.x
Is there something I’m missing? Additional steps needed on either my.openhab or openHAB 2 side? Already tried rebooting my Raspberry Pi a couple times. Was using Migration from OH 1.x to OH 2 Tutorial as a guide, but still a no go.

Did you transfer your myopenhab.persist file?

Do you see errors in the logs?

You have a new uuid and secret file so I presume the installation of the binding went OK.

openHABian comes with the right Java I presume so the usual cert problem should be the case here.

I did a complete wipe and install on my sd card. Though i have a backup image of the old somewhere. I don’t see anything about a persist files in that guide in the my.openhab section. Where would i copy from/to?
What if i just delete my my.openhab account and re-create? Would this generate any missing files for me, or is this a bad idea as there’s already done linking going on?

The migration guide assumes you are migrating from a working openHAB 1.x. As such in Section 5, subsection entitled “Final Steps” it has you run a series of copies including:

cp /etc/openhab/configurations/persistence/*.persist /etc/openhab2/conf/persistence

Among these files was the myopenhab.persist file you should have created by hand previously per the instructions here:

Do not delete and recreate your account. That won’t do any good and just cause you extra work.

Looks like I don’t actually have that backup anymore, so no persist files for me. Though with more reading it appears openHAB 2 doesn’t use persist files for myopenhab anymore anyways…
Looking at myopenhabs setup guide it talks about editing the openhab.cfg file. But, the guide is for 1.x, not 2. Can’t seem to find where I would change these settings in 2…

My assumption would be (though there isn’t a my.openhab docs page or the OH 2 binding yet) that you would use the same parameters placed into a myopenhab.cfg file, only remove the myopenhab: part at the front.

For example




Where did you see that it doesn’t use the persist file any more? If that is no longer used I’d like to know how/if one can limit which Items get exposed to IFTTT, for example.

Found it. Within paperui, under configuartion -> system there is a persistance section. Just had to select my.openhab as the default service.