My.openHAB and missing notifications

It seems that my.openHAB is not very reliable when it comes to delivery of notifications. At least my setup is loosing notification messages quite often. Sometimes a message does not pop up on the screen of my (Android) mobile device, but it is registered in the log (using the Web UI). At other times, a message is simply lost altogether (nothing on the screen and nothing in the log).

Anyone else having this problem? Is it registered as a bug (and hopefully beeing worked on)? I remember seeing someone else commenting on this somewhere, but I cannot find the thread now.

I know I can use another service for notifications, however, since I occasionally use my.openHAB for remotely connecting to my local openHAB server I need it anyway, and then it would be good to be able to use it for my “notification needs”.

I found the other thread: Missing or delayed notification with

That thread, however, seems to simply conclude that notifications in my.openHAB does not work, and from there the discussion diverges into all the alternative approcahes to address notifications.

I would rather like to have my.openHAB fixed (if it is indeed broken) so that it can be used for notifications.

Sometimes it breaks, though we continuously improve it’s stability. I didn’t experience missing notifications yet, so I will have a look into it.

Apart from the problem with large sitemaps that we experienced a week or two ago, I have not seen any other instability problems with my.openHAB - that is, until I discovered notifications were missing.

In the openhab log the only thing I can see is the regular disconnect-connect cycle that seems to be consistently triggered every 6 hours (00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00 in my logs), but as I learned from another post this is part of the internal house-keeping of my.openhab, right?

It would be great if you could take a look at the problem with missing notifications. Let me know if I can help with some testing, or other…

Yep, that is housekeeping. Ok. It will take some time.

I am under the impression, that GMC notifications are fired and forgotten (which is a common strategy). Consequently, if either the connection of your openHAB server to the openHAB cloud, or the connection of your handheld to the openHAB cloud is interrupted, you will not receive the notification. There are many reasons, why this disconnect may happen.

Herewith I suggest a new feature: caching of notifications :slight_smile: I am aware, that caching has its downsides, too, because it occupies memory and if a receiver simply dies and never comes back, you are about to create a managed memory leak. One will need a strategy to encounter this, e.g. limit the timespan for caching or limit the number of cached messages per account.