My.openhab android app does not like my username and password


I have correctly setup my.openhab to work with my openhab instance,so far so good. It works flawlessly with the borwser, both on local WiFi and remote. But when I use the same credentials on the android app I get an error about wrong username and password.

Do you know what the problem is?
Thanks in advance.

Check the openhab remote url, it should be

The URL is correctly set, and I’m still getting the same error.

If you are really sure about that, your security settings and network mask should be correct.
So the only difference can only be the remote url … Double check and watch for
and the trailing edge at the end

Hello Sihui,

I really appreciate your help.
When you first mentioned the possible issue with the url I checked both the httpS and the trailing slash. I have accessed using the same configuration with the browser of my mobile without any problem. I’m using android 5.1.1, I don’t know if that would make a difference.

Hmmm, there are only 3 prerequisites which must be met:

in openhab.cfg:


and the correct remote url in the app.

If all that matches I have no idea what’s wrong, sorry

Hello Again,

Thank you for your help Sihui.
All the requisites are met, in fact, everything works except the dam android app. I’ll try with another phone, to see if it is a problem of my own phone.

Thanks and regards

Now that I have moved the topic to the correct sub-forum I expect some more answers, or some people that has the same problem. Anyone?