My openhab certificate error

Anyone else seeing a certificate error logging into my openhab. Today Alexa quit working for me so I logged in on two phones and got the same error bad certificate?
Been using the cloud service for over 6 months no issues.
Any help appreciated! Thanks Danny

Yep. Looks like they let their SSL cert expire today. I hope whoever runs renews and/or fixes the automatic renewal. Maybe a bad certbot configuration?

Thanks! Yes sure it will get sorted.

Echoed. Cert just expired on the 29th.

Cert expired today: Expiry ‎Sonntag, ‎30. ‎Dezember ‎2018 02:30:12

Hope this will be fixed soon. This should happen on a regular basis as, the letsencrypt certs validity is only short termed (few weeks).

To be more precise, is ok, but the actual service has expired certificate.
Strange, that shows cloud service online.


This seems to have broken essentially every integration, and the mobile apps. Alexa, Google Home and the apps are all failing now for us.

Should be all fine again. The issue was that cert renewal worked, but only on one of 2 load-balanced NGINX servers - in the past, we only had one and the load-balancing was only added very recently. In future, both of them should correctly use the renewed certificate.


@Kai thanks! Glad the problem is understood! Thanks to the team for prompt fix!

Looks like the problem it´s back, the certificate deadline was aug 1 so it´s expired… help please!

It’s been fixed