My OpenHab Compatibility Chart

I’ve been spending some time testing bindings, devices and implementation solutions, and though that sharing my findings might help other newbies like me.

Started with OpenHab server running on a iMac, where found that some bindings are missing from the download package and moved to Raspberry PI 3B+ with OpenHabian where everything works super smooth, fast and reliable.


That’s pretty and useful,
Would you care sharing the code, please?

Thanks Vincent.

Not much code to share so far, just created some test.rules and used the items and transformations from Denkovi (smartDens) with no big care. If you wish I can send you the raw stuff (two dozen files) on a zip mail, let me know.

But keep in touch, I will post my code findings.

No, I mean the file above

Oh, ok… Are you a Mac User? It’s in “Numbers”, but I can export to other formats.
Anyway, the blog does not allow me to post it here, I need an alternate way to send it.