My.openhab configuration


Does any one can help me with the configuration of my.openhab?
I manage to install openhab in my NAS and is up and running, the app in my iphone is also runnig.

have you signed up, and looked at the docs? what problems are you having?

Is showing offline, i put the uuid and secert codes but doesnt seams to work

have you restarted openhab since you signed up to myopenhab?

no i didnt, is it requierd

it was for me, i’m not sure if it ‘catches up’ eventually, but for instant gratification i found a restart works best

i have restarted and is online now, but when i use the link to see my demo is showing

Page not found or the web server is currently unavailable. Please contact the website administrator for help.

Many thanks.

did you see a prompt for authorisation or did it fail straight away?
Which version of openhab are you running? 1.7.x or 2.?

Didnt fail straight away.

I use the version 1.7


As my sitemaoname i put the ip of my NAS and the number of the port is it correct?

no, yoursitemapname should just be ‘default’ or ‘demo’ or whatever your sitemap is called
e.g. if it’s default.sitemap put

I have try it what you have mention in your e.g. in my case is DEMO but doesnt work

Do you think is because my port is 8082?

have you seen the place in the docs where it mentions the config to add if your port is different?

Yes i have seen but i dont know where can i do the changes

Even i have tryied the below but doesnt work port number/

on your machine where openhab is running there’ll be an openhab.cfg file in the configurations directory, add the following line at the bottom of the file and save it.


you don’t need to alter the url

To perform that action do i need to acess via terminal?

You’ll need to use whichever method you used to set openhab up in the first place, either through a terminal or ssh session to the machine running openhab.
Is there a keyboard/screen attached to your openhab machine?

i have used my the terminal of my mac.

Usualy i use my mac to acess the nas. Can i install some program to make this easy

If it’s running on a NAS you should be able to access the files of your NAS through some mechanism (presumably you’re already doing this - samba/nfs/etc). It should just be a case of opening the openhab.cfg file in your favourite text editor on your Mac and adding the line, saving it, and restarting openhab.

I can open the folders and see inside but i cant change, i think the file that i need to charge is openhab_default.cfg

My text editor is word and doesnt open files with extension cfg