My.openhab for notification not remote controll

I like to use my.openhab for sending notifications to my iOS devices.
But I do not like the fact that my openhab setup is exposed to the internet through this service. I’m sure you did the best in security concerns, but I have my on vpn based remote access, which I consider more secure.
Is it possible to just use the notification service of openhab without allowing inbound commands (or any other internet access)?

If you only want notifications, have you considered the Prowl or Pushover actions?

Not yet. How is it integrated into openhab?

There are action addons which allow you to send notifications directly from your rules. Just drop the bundle in your /addons folder and checkout the WIKI for details about how to set it up etc.

Otherwise a good alternative is to use MQTT and mqttwarn, which completely decouples the notification method from openHAB and allows you to easily modify targets and formatting etc.!searchin/openhab/mqttwarn/openhab/HyRhF5xLZXs/TIOhOnRYnAEJ

They are actions that you can invoke from rules or scripts.

Okay thanks for the hints