my.openHAB ignores Broadcast notification

Hi Guys,

I’ve set up my.openHAB and I am using it successfully with the iOS App on my iPhone. I have made some rules for controlling my thermostats (temperature up at 1pm and down at 10pm). And just to make sure that these rules are executed correctly, I added a “sendbroadcastnotification” for a push-message on my iPhone. This works in nearly every case. Just one case doesn’t work, it’s the rule at 10pm. No message is sent there. While investigating this issue, I found out that the my.openhab service/binding disconnects and reconnects constantly every 4 hours at full hours. This seems to be normal. And just at 10pm this reconnect also happens every day. And I assume, that’s the reason why the notification from the rule isn’t transmitted. When I change the rule to execute at 9.45pm, the push message appears.

Isn’t there some kind of queue, that a “lost” message could not happen? Personally I can live with the workaround in changing the time slightly. But maybe there are other situations where a lost message is more severe?


Most probably you found the right reason why it doesn’t work at this exact time.
We are currently working on improving my.openHAB performance and memory footprint and those restarts will go away.
There is no queue on the openHAB side for this messages and it is a good idea to create them. This must be implemented into my.openHAB bundle. I will look into it soon.

Best regards,
Victor Belov

Thanks Victor! Sounds good. I am looking forward to any improvement (hopefully also for the OH1 binding and not only OH2, but maybe the updates are only server-side and not binding-side).