my.openHAB is offline - OpenHAB 2 on RPi3

Hi, I’m running OpenHAB 2 on a Raspberry Pi 3 and am trying to configure my.openHAB.

I installed the service from the paper UI under Misc tab and the my.openHAB bundle shows as active.

I updated the website with UUID and Secret data from my device

I followed the steps in this link to update java version to java “1.8.0_101”

When I start OpenHAB there is no sign of my.openHAB and it shows offline on website.
I see the instructions at for security setting changes but I cannot see an openhab.cfg file to edit?
Can someone please point me in the right direction?

In OH2, there is no openhab.cfg file. Every binding has it’s own file to create/modify. I quote a quick explanation from another thread:

`Check the OH/conf/services folder for the config files for all the bindings. You’ll need to edit these manually to suit your local setup. The settings should be the same as OH1 openhab.cfg file with slight adjustment to exclude the name of the binding. i.e. ‘weather:apikey.Wunderground=xxxx’ becomes ‘apikey.Wunderground=xxxx’ in the weather.cfg file.

Taken from:`

So you have to adapt this example for the weather-binding to your my.openhab binding.

Hi, I have created a file myopenhab.cfg in the /opt/openhab2/conf/services folder with two lines:


When I start openHAB there is no reference to my.openhab in the log?
Still not getting any further?

Well, as the OH1 openhab.cfg has no dedicated my.openhab section and the two entries therefore do not start with “myopenhab:”, I am not sure if a dedicated service file in OH2 is the right approach here. Sorry for didn’t pointing that out earlier.

Other than that I would try to set the security option to OFF to see if this makes a difference.

And I think your netmask doesn’t match. What is your IP? But in this case our friend @sihui is the expert. :wink:

Unfortunately I haven’t found any kind of configuration tutorial for the OH2 myopenhab binding. It is not even mentioned in the official docs. Not as a 2.0 binding and also not as a 1.x binding.

And if there is absolutely NO reference in your logs, I think the problem is located somewhere else…

Maybe you can find a hint here:

or here:

I had some trouble using my.openhab with Openhab2. To solve these problems I have manually upgraded my JDK (to 08_111 on Raspbian Jessie). But what at least has solved my problems was to deinstall my.Openhab extension and install to install the openhab cloud connector. Both installed extensions seem to conflict.