My.Openhab is "Offline"

Hey there,

I might not be a genius in programming but I managed to connect out KNX-Bus to Openhab and to use the webapplication locally. Now I want to connect my Samsung Smartphone, too, however, it does not connect to my.openhab and only states that “my.openhab is offline” which is exactly the status in my account on the website. However, I have no idea wether this is my fault or what I can do about it. It registers the login and password, but it does not update the uuid and the secret.

I have added the my.openhab addon to the addon folder and set security to OFF.

In the log it states that openhab did connect to my.openhab service, then it was online for a brief amount of time (enough time to register my mobile in my account) and then shifted back to Offline… I can even send messages to the app on my mobile, but I can’t access my sitemap :frowning:

I got the impression that the problem is that my.openhab is constantly Offline… and I would be more than happy, if anybody could help me with that!

Kind regards

Do you have a uuid and secret file in your webapps/static folder? Have you copied the contents of those files to the proper fields at ? Do you see anything in the logs, in particular errors?

I can’t believe it… yes, i did all of that and I also retrieved new files twice and now the third time it finally works and is online…

Seems to have been a problem with the uuid and secret file… I just hope it stays online!

Thx for you reply!