My.openHAB not displaying Rollershutters

Hi - I’ve setup my.openHAB and persistance and it it working fine except for Rollershutters which are not coming through. I am using the Rfx binding to control Somfy RTS shutters.

Here is an example of the items file

Rollershutter LivingShutter “Living Shutter” (gDownstairs_shutters, gShutters, gMyOpenHAB) { rfxcom=">" }

There is no feedback from the shutters so is that the problem? Do I need to setup a virtual switch using Rules?

Also whilst on the topic of My.openHAB is there any way to give items real names?

I want to use IFTTT but this would be much easier with friendily names.


If there is no feedback then I would expect that might be the problem. Though when you control it through your rules or sitemap it should get a value and that value should come through. What does your myopenhab.persist file look like?

A Virtual switch or Number might work but don’t know enough about Rollershutter nor how you are using them to know for sure.

What you name it in your Items file is its name. What do you mean by a “real name”? You have full control over what you name items with a couple of limitations (can’t use spaces, can’t start with a number, can’t include special characters). So the item’s name is as friendly as you decide to name it. I guess I don’t understand what you are going for.