My.openhab offline

Hi there,

I have a raspberry pi 2 with jessie installed. I installed openhab with my.openhab addon, with oracle java as described. Security setting changed to external as well. I am able to switch relays connected to the GPIO pins via the sitemap when I am connected on my home network.

I have trouble connecting to my.openhab service from the raspberry. I have both the SECRET and UUID files and entered the content in my online account. What steps can I take to debug and determine where my issue is?

Help will be much appreciated.


From the subject of your post I understand my.openHAB shows your openHAB’s status as offline?

Hi, I sorted out the problem. I did not use the latest openhab with addons (v1.8.1), I used version an older version (v1.7.1). Followed the same steps when installing the latest version. I see it is online now.

Thank you for your response though. I still don’t know what the problem was though.

I can connect and control my relay board with no issues from remote url and and android app.