My.openhab persistence

Hi there,
is it only my my.openhab log fixed at last Sunday night? I have no error in my openhab.log, before to further investigate I wanted to know if it is a general issue. The sitemap is working.

Thank you.

The last item change logged for me was on Sunday 18:00 UTC. My other persistence services are running and logging changes frequently.

I’d like to check to logs for the reason why my.openhab isn’t persisting my item-changes although it is ONLINE.
Could anybody give me hint which bundles to set with log:set?

Thanks, I’m seeing that too. Was working out other things though and haven’t had time to investigate.

I figured it would be "org.openhab.persistence"
Using this I see reports that item changes are logged in to my.openhab, however those changes are showing up on the website?

same here, last recorded value is on Sunday