My.openhab read only?

Is there a way to configure that the my.openhab binding is limited to read-only or even only for using the push notifications?

I really love the push service and I would be more then happy to use it.

But the idea that there is a service in the internet declared as beta, run by unknown people and no documentation on the security concept available but having full access to my home network I don’t like at all.

To the guys running the service: this is nothing personal, I really appreciate the energy you put in there. But what if your service is hacked?

In case this was already discussed somewhere please accept my apologies and please just forward me there. TY

If you just want to send push notifications: What about sending an email or whatsapp message?

You control which Items my.openhab can see directly and, for example, expose to external services like IFTTT. However, the REST API and sitemap is exposed through my.openhab as well and you cannot control that. The entire reason my.openhab was created was to allow those users who do not have the knowledge or skills to port forward their routers or set up a personal VPN a way to access their OH server.

I do want to be clear though, it does not have full access to your home network. You can only talk to your openHAB server through my.openhab, nothing else. You cannot, to list some examples of things people have asked for: forward a VNC or RDP session, ssh tunnel, access a different web server on your home network, etc. All communication between the my.openhab servers and your openhab server takes place through the my.openhab binding for which the source is available on github.

But if all you want to use my.openhab for is push notifications and you are nervous about using my.openhab you would be better off using one of the notification bindings instead.

Thank you for the quick clarification.


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I had the same issue. So I decided to use the telegram binding. Was easy to setup and is free on many platforms.