My.Openhab reliability

I have been using OH for one year and I’m a happy user. During this year my domotic system grew up and now I’m controlling lights, security and heating. More the house became controlled more I felt a reliable interface to know the house status, or just to manual operate scenes or exceptions, it is needed. Recently I found too many times my.openhab via mobile offline, and always the offline status is confirmed also via web (as the moment I’m typing the post). At the moment I don’t feel confident to leave the remote control via my.openhab, I don’t want to find offline the interface in a moment when I really need it. I understand this is a free opensource service, but I’m willing to pay a service if it can guarantee a reliable system (can be an idea?) or I’m thinking to set up a connection as @rlkoshak described here.
I’m curios to know your thoughts.

I can confirm this. Reliabilty of my.openhab was/is a problem during the last days. I also encountered several downtimes, e. g. also just at the moment.

@belovictor @Kai: Any official comments on this?

A couple of options I didn’t mention in that posting include setting up a VPN and using ssh tunneling.

I would suggest to check MQTT for your purpose.
You can easily find free and paid MQTT brokers in Internet (for example CloudMQTT) or even buy a virtual server and run Mosquitto there. You should be able to set secure connection, as MQTT fully supports it(and OpenHAB should?). Firewall and DNS are also not a problem, as both OpenHAB and your client will be the clients.
Finally you only need a good MQTT client for Android/iOS, which are also available.

And by the way, nothing stops you from setting up multiple connections to several MQTT brokers and getting this kind of redundancy. At least one should be working.

I have not tested this approach, but will as soon as I get to this topic. my.openHAB stopped working for me after Java update.

MQTT is a good way to communicate directly with your OH instance. It will not give you access to the sitemap however.

Hello all, indeed we have been having issues with load on the my.openhab servers. I’m not 100% sure where the server is breaking down which is why its not fixed yet. Also there are some architectural issue that prevent us from just throwing more hardware at the problem. I am still investigating the issue, hopefully with some news soon.

Any new news on the reliability My.Openhab ?

Also very interested in hearing some news. I am stuck until I can get some items to show up in my.openhab.

Was very disappointed today. was just hanging (and had been for quite some time, many weeks), but I had just used openhab internally on my LAN, so ok enough. Started to investigate today, and for some reason I just accidentally saw a thread mentioning Java, that you needed a late version! I had java, so upgraded to latest 101, and bang there it worked again. This is not good enough, I have gone through all kinds of checks, examining debug logs, and you know what, and it all had to do with the minor version of Java not being the latest. Nope, this is no good, think I have to find another solution.

I fairness to OH, this problem was announced on the forum and has been mentioned dozens of times on the forum.

The problem wasn’t caused by OH being picky, it was caused by Oracle dragging their feet in adding the Let’s Encrypt certificate authority as a trusted certificate authority. The SSL certificate for the domain expired and the maintainers assumed that a Lets Encrypt certificate would be trusted with the then current versions of Java. OH will work with older versions of Java but you would have to manually add the Let’s Encrypt CA cert to the trust chain manually. Upgrading the JRE is way easier.

Admittedly the problem could have been avoided by doing the research ahead of time before switching to a new certificate authority but I don’t fault them for just assuming it would work.

This problem should never happen again.

If you want to drop OH because of this one time problem, that is your prerogative. I just don’t want future forum readers to think the OH is always this finicky about JRE versions.

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I agree that needing to keep Java up to date is not a reason to leave OH. my.openhab probably started as a bonus but with all the connectivity options now it is needed. I really wish I could just one new switch to show up in my.oh. My system hasn’t been able to post anything since Sunday and then for only a few hours.

Any way to confirm it isn’t me? The sitemap on my.OH works.

@Drew_Brown - it isn’t just you. I’ve only tried to push things up today but I can confirm that my sitemap works, also I’m able to access all of my items via the REST/items API endpoint (browse to Unfortunately the items aren’t appearing in the UI Items list though.

Darn, I was hoping I could fix it. My items show up there as well. I want to use IFTTT to connect an Amazon Echo. There seems to be other methods, but this was easy and I hoped to see what other method matured before trying to figure them out. (That and I fear Amazon changing things on me.)

I think that until we see an announcement saying that the server problems are fixed we can not draw any conclusions.

According to the post the server is seeing a lot more traffic than expected and the traffic suddenly surged. Apparently the servers are not architected in such a way that they can just throw more computers at the problem so until they can figure out where the traffic is coming from and if it isn’t legitimate traffic figure out a way to block it, or redesign the server infrastructure to support the bigger load, we sadly can’t rely upon my.openhab to be reliable.

Personally I don’t push any Items to my.openhab for IFTTT integration so I have no idea if that part is affected. But I can confirm that REST API calls are slow and often do not make it through. I have enough alternative ways to do things that it hasn’t impacted me very much but I am currently researching how to get SSL/TLS enabled on my MQTT broker and using a Tasker MQTT plugin in place of my current REST calls. Ideally I’d like to be able to require client certs to connect but don’t know if the plugin I found supports it.

My big problem is I’m running Mosquitto in a Docker container which gets recreated anew every time I restart the service and I’m having a “Host name does not match cert” error when I try to connect.

I just had a brainwave to try to connect IFTTT to MQTT alas I imagine there’s no IFTTT channel for MQTT since they’re kinda sorta competitors! :slight_smile:

I was going to get IFTTT to send MQTT updates which I already have configured and working in my system.

My underlying issue is that my Owntracks app on iPhone didn’t seem to be sending my location quickly enough making the lights turn on just about 2 minutes after I arrived - which wasn’t very helpful!! So now I’m trying to find one or two additional “fallback” presence detection methods to have an “OR” rule to update my presence. First rule to fire would update my presence switch. my.openhab was my way of linking IFTTT for this purpose but I can (obviously) live with what I have so far.

Not really. IFTTT is all about wiring web services together whereas MQTT is just messaging. The big challenge for IFTTT is that there would need to be someone to sponsor MQTT and make it worth their while to add an MQTT channel. I don’t see any of the MQTT broker makers doing so.

I believe you can set how often it reports your location. Of course more frequently means greater battery drain. I admit I haven’t used it in years but there used to be a setting in the app to change the report frequency.

In my experience, the IFTTT location channels have the same problem with delay in reporting that Owntracks does. This is why I moved towards network and Bluetooth detection to determine presence.

Now, while IFTTT does not have an MQTT channel, it does have a Maker channel. If you have a cert from a trusted CA you can make calls into and from the OH REST API.

I’ve not tried it but you might even be able to use this channel to make calls to the REST API through my.openhab. That would be an interesting experiment.

I was looking at the network presence detection and experimented with hping3 (forget what is was exactly) but even that didn’t work so well (good ole iPhone).

I think I’ll splurge on a ZWave/Wifi motion sensor which will be in the garage. Then for SURE my arrival will be detected reliably!

** was able to setup a maker channel and have it call my.openhab REST endpoint - thanks for the tip! Very clever (and useful) way of integrating!

I’m really happy to hear that works! Thanks for trying it out.

Didn’t need a cert but had to put my username:password in the URL.

sending the plain text “ON” worked.

I’ve seen it in the forums, but there seem to be dozens of script variations, would you be able to “re-share” the presence detection script you’re using? Does it work with iPhones?