My sitemap gets ignored - error in openhab.log

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(Boris) #1

My first tries with a sitemap and not successful, please help
Can I use this keys like “energy” or “motion”, or do I always take “switch”?

This is what I get displayed in openhab.log

2018-02-24 17:48:58.470 [WARN ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Configuration model ‘ZUHAUSE.sitemap’ has errors, therefore ignoring it: [7,3]: mismatched input ‘energy’ expecting ‘}’
[13,1]: extraneous input ‘}’ expecting EOF

This is my sitemap, what is wrong here?

sitemap G11 label=“ZUHAUSE”
Frame label=“Items”
Switch item=Schalter1 label="Kandelaber"
Switch item=zwave_device_296beed3_node4_switch_binary label="Cyrus 1"
energy item=Cyrus_1_Momentan_Verbrauch_Watt label="Cyrus 1 WATT"
motion item=NEO_PIR_1_Bewegung label="NEO 1 Move"
light item=NEO_PIR_1_LUX label="NEO 1 LUX"
batterylevel item=NEO_PIR_1_Batterie label="NEO 1 BAT"
temperature item=NEO_PIR_1_Temperatur label=“NEO 1 TEMP”

(Harry) #2

erergy, motion, light, batterylevel and temperature are not valid types for a sitemap.

(Boris) #3

Thanks a lot - Cool that helps now it looks like this,
I only don´t know why this Neo CoolCam PIR device is offering temperature and battery level
(successfully installed as items) but no values displayed.

(Harry) #4

Wich model du you use and has it a a temperature and a battery-sensor? Is your item-definition correct?

(Josar) #5

Please post your items and your full setup.

Try to use code fences

Your code goes here

(Boris) #6

This is no the sitemap file

sitemap G11 label=“ZUHAUSE”
Frame label=“Items”
Switch item=Schalter1 label=“Kandelaber”
Switch item=zwave_device_296beed3_node4_switch_binary label=“Cyrus 1”
Default item=Cyrus_1_Momentan_Verbrauch_Watt label=“Cyrus 1 WATT” icon=“energy”
Default item=NEO_PIR_1_Bewegung label=“NEO 1 Move”
Default item=NEO_PIR_1_LUX label=“NEO 1 LUX” icon=“light”
Default item=NEO_PIR_1_Batterie label=“NEO 1 BAT” icon=“batterylevel”
Text item=NEO_PIR_1_Temperatur label=“NEO 1 TEMP [%.1f °C]” icon=“temperature”

and here are the items out of paper ui

and this is the thing config all OK I would say

(Josar) #7


Please use VSCode as editor with the openhab extension.
And use the log when you save a file as this gives you feedback when something goes awry.

Also try to have a clsoer look to the posted links.

I just copy pasted your sitemap and got some errors shown.

Result: false quotes for labels, sitemap, Frame, Watt, Lux, Bat, Temp

sitemap G11 label="ZUHAUSE"
    Frame label="Items"
        Switch item=Schalter1 label="Kandelaber"
        Switch item=zwave_device_296beed3_node4_switch_binary label="Cyrus 1"
        Default item=Cyrus_1_Momentan_Verbrauch_Watt label="Cyrus 1 WATT " icon="energy"
        Default item=NEO_PIR_1_Bewegung label="NEO 1 Move"
        Default item=NEO_PIR_1_LUX label="NEO 1 LUX" icon="light"
        Default item=NEO_PIR_1_Batterie label="NEO 1 BAT" icon="batterylevel"
        Text item=NEO_PIR_1_Temperatur label="NEO 1 TEMP [%.1f °C]" icon="temperature"

Might be a copy paste error. On your first post its only the "NEO 1 TEMP" which has wrong quotes.

(Boris) #8

But what should be wrong with the quotes?
In general the sitemap is working, I just checked openhab.log and it was stating that my filename has to be G11.sitemap and not ZUHAUSE.sitemap as I used before, but was working even with the wrong filename.
So I guess this is just some beautiful “chinese” PIR device what´s not working as it should.

(Josar) #9
“NEO 1 TEMP [%.1f °C]” icon=“temperature”

The quotes are “ ” and not "" that’s all I see.