My sitemap is puzzled


I’m about creating a growing sitemap, and everything is fine. I’m heavily using visibility tags, summary items and groups. Here’s a partly screenshot of my freshly reloaded sitemap:

My sitemap starts with a “Image” element: it embeds a JPG. My camera re-creates this image every minute, and the sitemap seems to recognize when there’s a newer version of the image; then the sitemap reloads itself, and the new image is displayed. Ok so far. But every time it reloads, the sitemap gets a bit more puzzled:

The last step is then then even items where their visibility defines that they shouldn’t (and their state is puzzled, too).

I tested Firefox and Chrome, both are affected. I could not notice this behaviour without my picture frame - it seems to cause this? Or is there a configuration flag I don’t know or something I’ve missed?

Thanks a lot,

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Atom Quad Core, 2GB RAM
    • OS: Debian 9
    • Java Runtime Environment: Azul zulu-8
    • openHAB version: 2.2.0-1 (package)
    • Browser: tested with Firefox and Chrome

I noticed something similiar in one of my groups yesterday. After a restart of the system (I rebooted my pi3), the odd number was gone.


Hmmm… when I reload the whole page, everything seems normal (until image refresh - then it starts again). I’ll reboot and give it a try :slight_smile:

Good luck (by the way, I also decided to work with groups/visibility), gives a good overview on active items. :sunglasses:


no, even system reboot makes no difference: I had to move my Image sitemap element into a sub menu, then everything works fine. Information perhaps interesting for @ThomDietrich and/ or @Kai? :slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend!

Hey Marianne,
you tried to explain your issue as good as possible but I still don’t see the exact problem. Where is this Image element you are talking about :slight_smile: Could you post your sitemap code (a reduced version)?

Hi Thomas,

it was the “observation” image of my living room, that’s why I did not post it - don’t want images of my house publicly available :slight_smile: But when it’s needed I can provide it by mail. I’ll attach part of the sitemap below - if the whole sitemap is needed, I also would prefer to send it by mail.

Thanks a lot!

sitemap default label="Willkommen zu Hause" {
  Image url=""
//----- BELEUCHTUNG -----
  Frame item=gLampen label="Beleuchtung [aktiv: %d]" {
//----- One switch to rule them all
    Switch item=gLampen label="Alle Lampen im Haus" mappings=[OFF="Alle aus"]
//----- Beleuchtung im Wohnzimmer
    Text item=gWohnzimmerlampen label="Wohnzimmer [aktiv: %d]" {
//-(7)- Hue Lichtband am Fernseher
      Text label="Lichtband [Ambilight]" icon="screen" visibility=[Hue7_ShowInSitemap == 0]
      Text item=Hue7_Schalter label="Lichtband [MAP(]" visibility=[Hue7_ShowInSitemap == 1] valuecolor=[ON="green", OFF="maroon"] {
        Switch item=Hue7_Schalter label="Lichtband" mappings=[OFF="Aus", ON="Ein"]
        Slider item=Hue7_Brightness label="Helligkeit" icon="light"
        Slider item=Hue7_Colortemperature label="Farbtemperatur" icon="rgb"
        Colorpicker item=Hue7_Color label="Farbton"
      Text label="Lichtband [⛔]" icon="error" visibility=[Hue7_ShowInSitemap == 2]

    //-(4)- Wohnzimmer // Eckleuchte // IKEA Tradfri Color:65541
    // and many other lights... :) 
//----- Alle Heizkörper & Temperaturen im Haus

  Frame item=gHeizkoerper label="Heizkörper [im Durchschnitt: %.1f °C]" {
    Text item=Boiler_Temp label="Kessel [%.1f °C]"
    Text item=Hotwater_Temp label="Warmwasser [%.1f °C]"

  //----- Fußbodenheizung Bad oben
    Text item=Bad_1_Heizung_FAULT
        label="Bad Fußbodenheizung [MAP(]"
        visibility=[Bad_1_Heizung_FAULT != NO_FAULT]

    Text item=Bad_1_Heizung_Status label="Bad Fußbodenheizung [%s]" icon="radiator" visibility=[Bad_1_Heizung_Reachable == ON] {
      Frame label="Temperatur" {
        Text item=Bad_1_Heizung_ACTUALTEMP label="Aktuelle Temperatur [%.1f °C]"
        Text item=Bad_1_Heizung_SET label="Solltemperatur [%.1f °C]"
      Frame label="Heizkörper" {
        Setpoint item=Bad_1_Heizung_SET label="Sollwert (±1) [%.1f °C]" minValue=4.5 maxValue=30.5 step=1.0 visibility=[Bad_1_Heizung_SET > 4.5]
        Setpoint item=Bad_1_Heizung_SET label="Sollwert (±½) [%.1f °C]" minValue=4.5 maxValue=30.5 step=0.5 visibility=[Bad_1_Heizung_SET > 4.5]
        Switch item=Bad_1_Heizung_SET label="Stellglied [OFF]" mappings=[5.0=Einschalten] visibility=[Bad_1_Heizung_SET == 4.5]
        Switch item=Bad_1_Heizung_PRESET label="Schnellwahl" mappings=[0="Abgesenkt", 1="Komfort", 2="Warm"]
        Switch item=Bad_1_Heizung_BOOSTMODE label="Boost (5min)" mappings=[ON="Starten"] visibility=[Bad_1_Heizung_BOOSTSTATE == 0]
        Text item=Bad_1_Heizung_BOOSTSTATE label="Boost-Restzeit [%d min]" visibility=[Bad_1_Heizung_BOOSTSTATE > 0]
        Text item=Bad_1_Heizung_VALVE label="Ventilstellung [%d %%]"
    Text label="Thermostat Fußbodenheizung [⛔]" icon="error" visibility=[Bad_1_Heizung_Reachable != ON] 
// all the other