My sliders have disappeared

Running 3.3 stable on an RPi 4…

In my sitemap I have a few sliders defined; at some point in the last few days, the UI stopped drawing the actual slider portion of the slider (icon, name, and value text still appear).

For example, this portion of the sitemap:

			Frame label="Lights"
				Slider item=mbrLights label="Crown [%d %%]" icon="lightbulb"
				Slider item=mbrFanLight label="Fan" icon="lightbulb"

Displays as:

I’m pretty sure they were working since my last changes.
Log shows no errors. I’ve tried a reboot.

Any ideas?

Update: The problem appear to be with the latest Brave browser on Windows. The sliders appear correctly in Chrome, and in Brave for Android.

Update 2: The culprit turned out to be the “DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials” extension. Disabling that fixes the issue.


I wanted to add I had the same issue with Brave on Linux. Same root cause with DDG Privacy Essentials. Rather than totally disabling the extension I went to Settings->Extension Options, and added my OH URL to the Unprotected Sites list and all is normal again.