My thermostat MH6-HP recognize as unknown device on openhab2

hello guys nice to meet you all, i am new here in open and i am trying to learn more about it,

i have mcohome thermostat MH6-HP i tried to add it but its recognize as unknow device, but i saw it was added on database list

what is the possible reason why openhab recognize it as unknow device

You have not provided enough information for us to determine that. What version of openHAB are you running?
If you followed the instructions in the binding documentation for when things do not go as planned, what did the DEBUG logs indicate?

The version is openhab2 2.5.3-1

and bellow is the adding device log

2020-04-11 06:49:55.591 [INFO ] [g.discovery.internal.PersistentInbox] - Added new thing ‘zwave:device:8bf1b8ca:node2’ to inbox.

2020-04-11 06:50:00.758 [WARN ] [wave.discovery.ZWaveDiscoveryService] - NODE 2: Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType! 015F:0604:5102::2.0

2020-04-11 06:50:01.898 [WARN ] [.ZWaveThermostatSetpointCommandClass] - NODE 2: Unknown mode type 6

The version of this device in the database has no configuration etc. Is yours the same? Can you post a manual and the XML file from the userdata/zwave folder for this device.

i found some information from z wave alliance web site, but is a US frequency and i have EU one

bellow is the XML file from openhab directory

network_d78117f1__node_2.xml (12.8 KB)

Thanks. The reference to the ZWave Alliance site seems to be a different version to yours (you have V2 - that site is V3.8). It also looks like you probably have a different version than in our database as yours is ZW+.

Do you have a manual? Even a paper one?

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I have only user manual but zwave manual i don’t have, i think Z wave PC tool can be help

User manual might help especially if you find a copy online.

What is your suggestion? I’m not really sure how it will help here? We already have all the information that the device offers - versions etc. What we need to know is how this translates to a database entry. Do we combine this with the previous firmware version, which is useful if the devices are functionally the same, or do we need to make a new database entry, which is needed if they have different functions.

I think these are different devices - as I said earlier, your device is ZW+ where the old one isn’t. However I’d like to know if there are any configuration parameters defined?

Normally this information is provided in the user manual.

Does this look like the proper manual?

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Yes, this is what I’m looking for.

The question is - what version of the device is this for? I didn’t see any version number of the firmware (there’s a PDF version, but I’m not sure that relates to the firmware version as it’s totally different than any of the versions we’ve seen here).

Hi guy is there any othere way to get this firmware version from device? please just let me know how then i will doit.

firmware version number is different from from z wave protocol version?

when i check the node info using z wave pc tool, i get this info

Protocol version: Z-wave version ZDk 4.5x and ZDK 6.0x = 0x03

Yes - it’s printed in the XML file - we know this already - as I said earlier - yours is V2.0.

That is not the firmware version and doesn’t have any use when defining the features of the device application.

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@aj_adriano does you manual look the same as the one I linked in my previous posting?
We are especially interested in the text starting on page 8 if it is the same as yours.

yes the same, and actually what you have is more detailed

What do you mean?

We don’t want “more” detail - I want to know the “right” detail for YOUR device. For example, I need to know if your device supports configuration? Does you manual define the config parameters? Some of these devices don’t have configuration - some do. We need to get this correct or it will cause problems with the binding.

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like what i said in my privious message, i have only user manual, z wave manual i don’t have.

sorry i have a very less knowledge about zwave and i have less information about this z wave themostat,

but to give you more idea about this device, i use this already with other software and device doesen’t have any configuration function, no parmaters setting.

What software?

I’ve created the device here -:

i just try to iRidium Demo