MyElas binding - renamed to RiscoCloud

Don’t know and don’t want to :wink:

ah ah…

Build the jar and drop it into the addons folder. OH should pick it up and install it automatically.

Yes, just open the issue on his github. When you create the PR, in the comment reference the issue number (e.g. “Fixes #1234”) and that will tie your PR to that issue.

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Where do i can implement detectors list ? I’m trying to implementing it but i’m confused where to implement detectors name list and how correctly access the array list (i’m an occasional programmer :frowning: )

Can you give me a point of start ? Thanks…

Hi Luca,

It is not as easy as it seems.

A detector is an element of a part.

So, my point of view is that when handling the response, the binding should create/update things and channels.
A thing by part and a channel by detector.

Let me check this and I’ll come back to you soonly

So… now you have created a thing by connection , right ? For only testing i’ve created a channel with all detectors. … yes, is not correct but Just better than nothing.

Probably a point of start would be the satel alarm binding , too much complicate for me … anyway in this binding treat zone and partition as things.

here the Satel binding link to github

Indeed ! I will rename the “Connection” to “System” or “General”.

I’ll give a look to this binding :wink:

Hi mate, I got Risco agility 3 alarm system and keen on testing this

Hi !

I spent some time on this and especially on reverse engineering the MyElas website.

I found some way to get separated informations about :

  • Overview
  • Detectors
  • Event history
  • Cameras (I don’t have cameras so I cannot work on it for now)
  • Maybe something about users but I don’t think it’s important for now.

My first approach was not the good one…

So I definitly close this alpha and start a new one.

I will come back to you when a new alpha will be released.

I think I will certainly deliver partial build like I did with the first alpha.

New approach :

  • Use bridge for server communicate
  • A thing for overview
  • A thing for events history
  • A thing by part (wich will contains channels for detectors)

have a nice day !



Do you have any news on your binding?

Hi !

Sorry for this long period, I had a hard drive crash and I had to reinstall everything…

I already worked again on this binding, the bridge is working fine.

I still have issues with my computer so I have to change it first.

Hello World,

I’m interrested to test this Binding, I’ve got a RISCO Alarm.

But I don’t know how to do to make a JAR from such of source

Thanks in advance for your help


Please wait for the next commit. Last sources are not on github.

hi everybody,

I am also using a myelas alarm system and would love to see a OH2 connection the alarm system. Please provide a compiled JAR file to test the binding.


Hello !

Some news…

First, bought my new computer so I can now continue development !

But… MyElas has changed its website login… Now I need to do some reverse engineering :frowning:

If someone has more than one site managed on, please send me a private message.


I also having troble after the webside changes on Myelas Alarmserver, so I hope you did find a way to make it work again, so I can Arm/Disarm my system.
Mabye your binding can do the job.?

I hope it will !

For now, I have found the new way to log in and started to implement it.


Such a good news :sunglasses:

Please publish jar when you get functionality to arm and disarm.