MyElas binding - renamed to RiscoCloud


Another good news !

So, the main bridge connects to risco cloud web site and log in using your email and password.
Start the discovery and it will retrieve all sites linked to your account and will spawn new thing in your inbox with the site ID and its name.

Adding it in your things will ask you to enter the pincode for this site.

Next step now : create a discovery to retrieve partitions and allow to arm and disarm them.


Great job, looking forward to test it.
Arm/disarm is also the most important for me. :smiley:

I’m having issue with the IDE (Fresh install after fix but runtime not working).
I will continue when resolved :frowning:

Where can I download the jar file?

TBH I don’t know how to build a valid jar.

I followed this : Distributing bindings through the IoT Marketplace

Binary Builds from Pull Requests
Instead of manually building the jar from sources and uploading it to Github/Dropbox/GDrive or some other website for sharing, there is now a much simpler way: I have setup the PR builder on our Jenkins, which first of all validates that a PR is buildable, but secondly also deploys the result in a new Maven repo on our Artifactory instance:
So as an example, the Plugwise binding from this PR is automatically available as a jar at . This url can be directly used as the download url for the IoT marketplace.

But I don’t know why the jar has not been built automatically :frowning:

Hi there !

Finally, after some problems to build, here is the jar \o/

Please send feedback


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Great Job…

I did install the binding, and i can see the status of my alarm with the System Thing in real time
Switch Armed partition
Switch Disarmed partition

So when i Arm the system from the app the Disarmed switch goes OFF and the Armed switch goes ON

I can’t arm/disarm the alarm in openhab with this two switches, is this surpose to be like this, or is the binding only for monitoring ?


This should work ! It works on my dev machine but I still have to test with my OH.

Let me try this at home and if it works, I will tell you and we will debug.

Where is the source code ? I’ve done a poller to mqtt bridge for risco panel using last login method (october update from risco cloud)

I’ve installed your jar.

Connection bridge and site id things are ok, but overview and partition ('ive only 1) are on “unknown” status…

ps . the error on openhab console log is “[WARN ] [e.core.thing.binding.BaseThingHandler] - Handler SiteHandler tried updating the thing status although the handler was already disposed.”

Hi @Luca_Calcaterra

Yes, the unknown status is a known bug. It is because I still have to implement Thing updates.

The source code is on my github. You can follow the PR I posted 7d ago.

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ps. i’ve created this, but a binding is obviously useful !

Any progress on your poject ? :slight_smile: Thnx ! Luca

Hi Luca,

I have a new job as java developer, I want to acquire some experience before to rework my code.
Maybe in a month or two. I hope :wink:

ok !! Thanks in advance!

Did anyone make any progress on creating an openhab binding? I have tested Luca’s node.js risco-mqtt-bridge and it works fine.

Happy to do some testing if this progresses


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Much interest here as well. More then willing to do some testing! There is a native binding for home-assistant:Risco - Home Assistant