myopenHAB (cloud) connection unstable

We use the cloud to connect to our openHAB instance. Since yesterday we realized the connection is not stable at all and the pages are partially not loading. A page might load after several retries mostly more than 10 times. We tried to upgrade the openHAB image to the latest version but that did not also solve the problem. We also measured the bandwidth on our end to see if we have upload limitations but it’s not the case either. Is there any known issues at the moment with myopenHAB (cloud version)? If not what might be the problem?

According to the Status Page no problem.

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Did you check your local network ? Did you check if your OH instance has a high( er ) load ?

Thanks a lot for the responses, the issue was the resources, apparently the cloud connection requires more resources than the local one. We increased the CPU and RAM and the issue is now resolved.