MyOpenHab cloud - ERROR Request failed: internal server error (500)

Evening all,

For some reason having issue with accessing openhab (2.3.0) remotely via openhab cloud (IOS app). Everything works well when on LAN.

The following error is shown.

Notifications are coming through as normal but can`t see any sitemaps.

Restart of openhab normally fixes the problem. Just done restart and can access openhab remotely all over again.
I will be reviewing logs and will post if notice anything suspicious. Any suggestion ?

Same here. Can’t access openHAB cloud since yesterday anymore.

Glad I’m not the only one with this issue.
I suspect there may be a problem with my sitemap somewhere.
My cloud connection is keep failing every few days/weeks. Normally it fixes itself after OH restart.
Has anyone else experiencing the same problems?

Can you access via a browser?
Because this is how I recognised. My Habpanel doesn’t work anymore.
Although I get a: 504 Gateway Time-out.

I haven’t try that when I lost connection - I will try when that happens next time. Obviously I can access it via cloud now but after restarting OH. I should work well for number of days…

I also just found this: Is the OH Cloud down and problematic today?
and restarted the Cloud Connector as described. This worked for me.

It has been an issue for a while, see: