myopenHAB Cloud Hosting Provider Maintenance

UPDATE: Service is restored as of 5/26/2021 03:34 UTC

myopenHAB Cloud Hosting Provider Maintenance Notice
All, our cloud hosting provider Linode is currently performing network maintenance that is causing a disruption in service to myopenHAB. You can follow the progress at Linode Status - Scheduled Network Maintenance - EU-Central (Frankfurt) . I will be following their progress and report back here when our system is operational.


According to out hosting provider, the network maintenance was longer then expected and created some additional issues. This looks to be finally resolved, for a detailed explanation see Linode Status - Connectivity Issue - Frankfurt .

Services are slowly restoring and may take 30-60 mins to return to normal. If your system has not automatically reconnected after this period, please restart the cloud binding through the OH3 UI ( click save without making any changes under Settings -> openHAB Cloud), using the console or by restarting your OH instance. In most cases this will not be necessary and the binding will eventually reconnect on its own.

Things seem to be taking longer than normal to come back up, there may have been a few more network hiccups, please be patience, i will report back when things look normal again.

Ok, things look much better and back to normal. My own system just connected and is working again. I’ll keep an eye on the system for the next few hours in case of any other issues that arise.