myopenHAB Cloud Maintenance Today

I was hoping for a little more notice on this, but i need to perform maintenance today at 3pm PT / 12:00 AM CET time on our cloud service. We have a number of issues that need to be addressed including updated IOS push certificates, switching to apple’s HTP/2 push service as well as upgrading our NPM libraries and node runtime to their latest versions.

I would expect the actual upgrade process to take 10 minutes, and then the service will be slow for a little while after that. I will comment here when the work begins and ends.



This work is starting now…

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The work is done. it would have been shorter and less disruptive, but i had to roll through a second wave of restarts to point to the production apple push api server instead of the sandbox one i had been testing with, :man_facepalming:

Other then that, the service is coming back and will be a little sluggish for the next hour. If you are having problems connecting, try restarting the cloud bundle (or just open the cloud config in the 3.0 UI and save without changes which causes a re-init) . As sometimes clients get stuck for an unknown reason for a while.